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GBM is distributed monthly in digital format via carefully controlled circulation to a worldwide audience unlike any other.

Coming from every corner of the global corporate marketplace, each of the 60,000+ individuals to whom we send out the magazine has been selected using a rigorous validation process. GBM lands only on the desks of those that qualify. This ensures that they fit perfectly into a precision-targeted audience that provides maximum exposure and coverage for our clients. 


Unrivalled in both market and geographic reach, the diversity of GBM’s 85,000+ (and growing) readership is one of the many things that distinguishes us from other international publications. Our readers come from a multitude of disciplines, business activities and sectors worldwide, predominantly in North America, Europe, Australasia, South America, the Middle East and Africa. Nowhere else can you find access to all these corporate professionals in just one magazine. Just ask our clients.

This truly diversified global audience is made up of key senior corporate executives ranging from (among others) chief executive officers, chief operating officers and finance directors to managing directors, partners and managers at national and international businesses, including:

• Mid-market and SME public and private businesses

• Private and institutional investors

• Private equity and venture capital firms and associations

• Asset base lenders

• Banks  leveraged, commercial and acquisition finance

• Law firms

• In-house general counsel of leading corporations

• Government organisations

• Investment and fund managers

• Fund administrators and custodians

• Financial advisory and accounting firms

• Due diligence advisers

• Public relations

• Brand managers

• High-net-worth individuals

In one single publication, our clients receive exclusive access to this unique audience of global dealmakers and decision makers, to whom they can highlight the capabilities and service offerings their organisations can offer through invaluable informative editorials. And the calibre of readership ensures that these adverts and editorials land in the hands of key decision makers with the power to act and engage direct with the client.